The life of my father as a transgender

My dad is transgender but I don’t really care. I have loved every minute of growing up in our crazy family. It does not matter at all that my dad is transgender although the other kids teased me about it at first. A few years I did not understand what transgender meant by now I know a lot more thanks to Covent Garden escorts from It doesn’t mean that I am transgender at all. My mom and dad still live together and my mother runs this wacky site about doing up street junk that she finds in London. Me? Well, I am studying to be an astronomer and I hope one day I will get a PhD to make my parents and mothers proud of me. As a matter of fact, without my crazy parents I would not be who I am today and I am so glad that they encouraged me to be who I am. My life is full of stars in more ways than one – my parents and mothers.
I realized early on that my home life wasn’t normal. I grew up in those home with a dad who was an actor and a mom who is an artist. There was certainly something different about my dad but I did not realize that he felt more comfortable as a woman. My mom did not neither when she married but she has always stuck by him. Now when I look at my parents I realize that they have a more loving relationship than many other parents.
To be honest I think that my parents have made me a more caring and loving person. I have a lot more respect for others than other teenagers do. Sometimes it feels that my entire life has been a lesson in different lifestyle but it has certainly made me into a good person. It has also made my life more interesting as I have met so many different character. I have had a lot of freedom to express myself and I see my life as a blessing. Perhaps we need more transgender daddies.
Nobody know why some people become transgender but I think that we need to stop over analyzing everything in our lives. We keep on finding a reason for this and that, and I think that we do that too often. How about if we just accepted people for what they are? For some of us that will be very difficult and for others it will be a relief. To me it would mean happiness if somebody would just accept diversity. The life around us is diverse so why shouldn’t we celebrate diversity amongst human as well? After all we only have each other when all is said and done.
I am 16 now and I am carving out a life for myself. I am not gay, I am just an ordinary straight. I just accept the fact that around me is unique and I would like them to celebrate their lives. Why do we all have this desire to be the same? I know that I am going to be many different people until I finally the real me.

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