One Writer’s Wish List


[The Charlie Brown Christmas tree; a water bottle chewed by the puppy, and Huxley the Writer’s Mouse all populate my desk

It’s that magical time of year—the Christmas season. It brings to mind many things: the birth of a kingly baby, the promise of snow, the scent of fir trees and cinnamon, the memories of childhood, traditions, family…and, of course, wish lists.
Here is one writer’s wish list:
1) To be inspired to write every morning promptly at 9 o’clock, right after taking the children to school, walking 2 miles and doing my devotions, instead of grabbling stolen time from 10:32 p.m. to 12:01 a.m., chomping ice from a watery Diet Coke and avoiding the ever-present temptation to make and eat puppy chow in order to avoid the reason I am up this late to begin with. Yup, I’ll be sleepy again all day tomorrow.
2) For the nice officer not to laugh quite so hard when I take notes after he pulls me over because he believes the VERY realistic looking baby doll in the backseat of my mini-van should be buckled in the car seat, and I tell him I’m a writer. (What? The fluffy bathrobe and the chewed-up pencil behind my ear isn’t convincing?)
3) For the possibility of an IV form of Sonic Diet Vanilla Cokes; alternately, for me to be grown-up enough to adore coffee and then be able to swill (not spill) some over my laptop at a swank coffee joint full of characters to populate my next novel.
4) To have my first emotion be unequivocal joy when I hear of a fellow writer’s success…as opposed to going into my walk-in closet with my good friends Ben & Jerry, a novel, and tear-stained copies of articles regaling writers with the rejections others have had to suffer before meeting with said success.
5) To look at other works through my fork tines (simulates a jail) in order to “take every thought captive” when the comparison crazies creep over my computer.
6) For more moments when God, the ultimate Author, breathes Frazier Fir lushness into the other-wise Charlie Brown tree of a skeleton outline, a sketchy plot or a sad, sorry start of a proposal.
7) For words and phrases that leap, sparkle, shine and evoke just the right feelings in my readers, and the write motivation in me.
8) Sure, we’d all love to win a Pulitzer, a Christy award or hit the New York Times Best Seller list, but I’d settle for making a frazzled mom laugh so hard she spits her morning Diet Coke, narrowly missing her toddler in the high chair in reverse irony. For making one reader realize they’re not alone. For someone to think “that’s me!” Or for someone to land in another time entirely just because my pages transport them there. For my words to help people chortle, cry and cheer. For them to inspire, entertain, encourage, instruct and linger, long after the pages close. Long after they marvel at the petrified state of French Fries under the car seat, since they sat so long reading in the car wash, they’re guilted into vacuuming at last.
Most of all, I wish for every breath, heartbeat and paragraph to sing to the glory of God and God alone.
This is one writer’s wish list at Christmas, and all year long.
A copy of my book, Hot Chocolate for Couples, and some gourmet hot cocoa to accompany it!

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