My friend and fellow author’s new book, LET. IT. GO. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith released YESTERDAY! Please keep reading for a sneak peek and interview with KAREN EHMAN and a chance to WIN a FREE copy!!!

 Women are wired to control. We make sure the house is clean, the meals prepared, the children are dressed, and everyone gets to where they’re going on time. But sometimes our strength of being conscientious can morph into the weakness of being a slight—or all out—control freak! This humorous, yet spiritually practical book will help you to:

  • Take control of your schedule yet welcome interruptions from God
  • Draw the line between mothering and micromanaging
  • Influence your husband instead of manipulating him
  • Learn to control your emotions when you can’t control the circumstances
  • Stop pursuing the appearance of perfection and start pursuing the person of God

 Special Interview with Author Karen Ehman

 1. Karen, you seem to be a Recovering Type A, like I am. What brought about your change from trying to be “in control?”

 I saw how it was negatively impacting my relationships, especially with those in my immediate family. No one likes a control freak!

 2. Was there a special impetus for writing Let. It. Go.?

 I discovered at the root of why we over-control is that we really don’t trust God. We think we know better than Him just what is best for us.

 3. In what area do you most STILL struggle with letting God take it?

 The behavior of my kids. I want to make them behave and make good choices although I know sometimes we have to learn lessons the hard way through our own bad choices and the results. I just want them to choose the right way to spare them the heartache (okay…and sometimes to spare my reputation as a mom!)

 4. What is your FAVORITE tip in the book?

 It is a chapter called soul control where I walk women through learning how to control their emotions when they can’t control the situation.

 5. What is your best advice for women who keep giving things to God but then “taking it back” in the form of worry, or trying to control outcomes, situations, relationships, etc.?

 We need to learn to stop asking God to take us out of our circumstances and instead we need to ask, “What does God want me to learn about Him that I might never discover if He were to suddenly pluck me out of these circumstances?”

 6. For those of us who want to take the Let. It. Go. Christmas Challenge, what’s your favorite way to reclaim the special sparkle of this holiday?

 Learn the thrill of an “out-of-control Christmas” where we allow others to make decisions, call the shots, even {gasp} decorate the house! Learning to defer and back off helps us to live the relinquished life and trust God instead of trying to control.


Weren’t those great ideas? I’m going to try an “out-of-(my)-control Christmas this year. Who knows, it just might be the best one ever.

**For a chance to WIN a FREE copy of Karen Ehman’s new book, just post a comment telling us how YOU are going to STOP taking control this Christmas and TWO readers will be drawn at random!!!!

78 Responses to

  • Kristin says:

    I am going to welcome my 9 year old daughter’s decorating tastes with our Christmas decorations!

  • Dawn says:

    Simplifying Christmas by staying home and not attending every event possible.

  • Misti O. says:

    This year, I’m going to ask my family to list the things they think are important traditions. We’ll focus on those things first & if we have to let some of the things go, then so be it. (it sounds so easy as I type this out, but I know it will be hard to play out if some things don’t make the cut. )

  • Evelyn says:

    I plan to not focus on the decorations, etc. and just let things happen this year! THis will be a big challenge for me.

  • Dottie McLelland says:

    I am trying verrrrryyy hard to let go of some issues in my life and I am really looking forward to reading this book for some tips to help me! Thank you, Karen, and God bless you for writing this book!

  • Deb C says:

    Letting it all go and letting God drive my heart!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    This Christmas I am going to give the decision making over to my family and let go and look for the blessings in their choices :)

  • michelle h says:

    I’m committed to letting the kids dictate what is fun and how to decorate this Christmas!

  • Elaine Diggs says:

    I am going to try and not control everything and look to God for strength,

  • Karen says:

    I have already told my daughter that she can be in charge of the Christmas card this year – design, picture, everything. It’s a BIG step.

  • JHollyhock (aka Jennifer H.) says:

    I love the idea of letting someone else decorate the house. I bet my kiddos would enjoy that.

  • Marla says:

    I’m trying to be accomodating on when everyone wants to get together….

  • Nancy says:

    Every time I think I am about to freak out and find I’m in need of control, I am going to take a deep breath and say “Be Still and Know that I am GOD”………Amen! Can’t wait to read the book!

  • Deb V says:

    I am going to try not going to control the extended family Christmas parties this year. It seems like people always get their feelings hurt when a certain tradition isn’t taken into consideration or if a certain food isn’t served. I would like to have a much more calm Christmas this year concentrating on why we celebrate (Jesus).

  • Mary Blair says:

    I’m going to try to go with the flow and enjoy the kids.

  • Jodie says:

    I am going to let my boys give and act on the input they give on how they’d like to do things.

  • Lori says:

    This is definitely something worth thinking about. I am going to make a strong effort not to control when and where we celebrate our NY Christmas. I typically get very opinionated about when the best time to do this is. I know my in-laws will appreciate me giving up control in this area. I’m going to watch to see if they even notice – should be interesting.

  • Cordelia says:

    I have a precious godly husband who comes home to a wife (me!) who is usually on behind. I so desire to “keep after” so he can have a more free evening. I find myself asking him for help in different areas of the house. I didn’t think of it as a control area….and I’m still not sure it is. Or is it? I do know the joy I experiece when I am caught up with household chores. I would love to have help to be more organized.

  • Nicole Davison says:

    I have a habit of not including my husband in the gift buying because I think it is just easier if I do it. I am going to share this year.

  • Kathryn Barr says:

    Ouch! I am such a drill sargeant! I pledge to be alert to the scurrying of my children after I give out one too many marching orders within five minutes. I will close my eyes to the clutter and rejoice in the sounds of laughter, I’ll get to the clutter some other day.

  • Bree says:

    I’m going to stop taking control this Christmas by acknowledging I’m not in control.

  • Christie says:

    I am going to stop taking control of this Christmas by asking my family what they want to do this Christmas. This year, I will let my girls be responsible for scheduling the fun.

  • carmen mcmillian says:

    I am going to stop taking control this Christmas by making gifts for loved ones instead of buying everything….keeping my focus simple and unique. Also, I am going to not be uptight by simply spending time together and not rushing around doing this and that all the time!

  • Carol Skaggs says:

    I am not going to do the mental list on everyone of everything they are supposed to have done or supposed to take with them to be sure they got it.

  • Cindi says:

    I am going spend time enjoying the season this year. Let my son decorate any way he likes, let my husband do some of the shopping ( that should be fun :)

  • Susan says:

    I’m going to let my kids do all the outside decorations this year. I will NOT control how/where they are put up, I will let them handle it from start to finish!

  • Kristie says:

    This sounds like exactly the book I need! Since becoming a mom, I have become a control freak even though I never thought of myself in that way before. I need to get this book on my Christmas list!

  • Valerie Hohenberger says:

    Cindy, I am right behind you and Karen on the type-A recovery bandwagon! I would love the opportunity to win this book! Thank your for your ministry!

  • Vonnie Kronk says:

    I am going to Stop taking contol this Christmas Again! Our accident 2007 which I was in hospital still at that Christmas, every year since has been Hard to “Let it Go” not doing everything…Everyone still loves to come to our house But Now that I am somewhat handicap & not being able to do much, it’s hard seeing others do what I use to.

  • Susan K says:

    It’s a matter of attitude. If I go into the season with the right attitude and eternal perspective, I’ll likely continue this way of thinking. To help stop the stress this Christmas, I have taken the time to prepare cards and presents and wrappings now! With less stress, it’s easier to not get into that natural way of trying to control everything, while having that ever deepening feeling of being out of control!

  • Amanda R. says:

    My plan to stop taking control this Christmas is to ditch the notion that my house has to be perfect — after all, we rarely have visitors for holidays. I want my kids to have some creative control :)
    thank you!

  • Nancy Silvers says:

    This year instead of telling my husband where we will be going for the holidays and what I would like to do, I am listening to and taking HIS ideas into consideration. For example. We live in the Ozarks and have no blood family–my husband suggested we have the interns from the local Wildlife Rescue over for dinner on Thanksgiving as they are away from their families. There are 12 interns. As is turns out-10 have to work that day. So at my husbands suggestion, we are bringing Thanksgiving Dinner to them so they all can have a home cooked meal. I think it’s a great idea and I am so grateful I am open to listen to what he would like to do….he has a heart of gold and loves the Lord.
    I sure hope to win this book because there are other control issues I need help letting go of.
    God Bless,

  • Suzie Rape says:

    Going to let one daughter decorate the outside, the other, the tree.
    NO comments about either.

  • Teresa says:

    I am going to stop worrying and fretting over the little things. I am going to give myself permission to enjoy the time and season with my family and not worry about everything being “perfect”.

  • Lori A. says:

    I’m TRYING to not get into the PERFECT mode this Christmas.

  • SUE says:

    I have agreed that my husband can pick which lights to put on the tree every other year……it’s a start:) He likes the colored ones and I like plain white.

  • Lori K says:

    I just talked with my adult children over the last couple days about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We have always gone to Church and opened gifts on Christmas Eve ever since they were babies. In fact, that is how it was when I was growing up and it continued on into my family. It has gotten to be so rushed and not very enjoyable at all. So, the family is all in agreement to open gifts on Christmas Day and go to Church on Christmas Eve and play some games or go to look at Christmas lights. This is all part of my letting go of trying to control what our family does for Christmas.

  • Tammy Kefer says:

    We are starting with Thanksgiving. Whatever is committeed to on the menu is what we will have, nothing more. It is too much for me to get the house ready – with help- and complete the whole dinner for 17. It’s time to let it go!

  • Janine says:

    I am going to pause, pray, and let the hubby and kids have fun decorating this year. I would love a copy of the book to help me let God control the reigns and be in control.

  • Ann : ) says:

    Don’t know where to start

  • Kristi Seat says:

    I don’t really have a plan for Christmas. Family will be out of town and I am in transition right now. My thoughts have been centered around myself and how I can create a better Christmas for myself. After reading this interview, I was struck by the idea that I can look at the situation instead as to what is God trying to teach me. I need to let go of the “What about me?” chaos inside my head and instead look at how I might be able to make this Christmas special for someone else. Create opportunity instead of opposition and remember that Jesus came into this world to give life to any situation. Looking forward to this book!

  • Karie says:

    Try not to get stressed out when things don’t go as planned. Try to be more flexible and be more organized.

  • I am smiling right now as I am sitting here thinking of how I am constantly “fixing” the ornaments after my children touch or rearrange them, all throughout the weeks we have the tree up. I am sure the earth will still spin even if my tree is not evenly and neatly decorated. ;-)

  • Colleen G says:

    I am going to try to “schedule” less this holiday and be in the moment.
    Sounds good to me!
    Colleen G.

  • This Christmas I’m going to let go of our schedule. Our schedule is going to be busy and not perfect and I need to go with the flow better this year. If the schedule changes, that’s ok, if my daughter needs more time with me just cuddling instead of doing whatever Christmas activity I have planned, that’s ok. I’m going to do my best this year to remember it’s about making better memories, not about me getting my agenda across.

  • Carolyn Chrisman says:

    I feel as if I will need to do a lot of biting my tongue, or leaving a room in order not to say something about food being prepared, gifts given, etc. I desire to Let. It. Go. and will this girl ever need the grace of God! I guess I should pray, pray pray as my first line of defense. thanks for offering a giveaway!

  • Kristen says:

    I am going to rely more on God this Christmas. I am going to try and spend more time reading and studying God’s word.

  • Wendi S says:

    My husband loves to be spontaneous…so this Christmas I’m going to try to let him…I want to say “yes” to the spontaneous fun stuff that he suggests we do during the Christmas season instead of always sticking to “my plan” :)

  • Jacquie Parker says:

    I am going to try and let my inlaws love on my children instead of trying to manage how they discipline them. It bothers me when they let my kids do and get away with ridiculous stuff, but I need to enjoy the break and be grateful that my kids are loved!

    • admin says:

      Good point, Jacquie! I remind myself that they are little for a little while, and it’s just a small time in perspective to fret about the “extras” they get at grandparents’ house.

  • Erin says:

    I am not going to overschedule things to do, but to allow down time to just enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season.

  • Kathleen says:

    Christmas is not a problem when it comes to control but I would love to read the book especially the chapter on soul control.

  • Michelle says:

    Well, I am a co-dependent type person.
    This Christmas I hope to allow my grown children to be themselves, instead of me trying to fix them.
    As the sub-title says I really need to `stop running the show and walk in faith`

  • wanda says:

    I’m a great candidate for Karen’s book. My controlling behavior has been known to drive my family/friends crazy!

    I try to tame it….

    This Christmas…I’m not going to flip out over the decorating and the presents. I’m going to slow down and ENJOY IT ALL!

    PS- I’m giving away some McDonald’s money over at my blog!!

  • Monica Brandt says:

    Every Christmas I take control because I have a long to-do list that has to get done. This year I am going with the flow and if things don’t get done – they don’t get done and it’s ok.

  • admin says:

    Monica! Whoo…good for you. I am going to TRY and follow your example, a rough one for those of us that are recovering Type As…:)

  • Cathy Wingo says:

    I’m going to let my grandkids not only decorate the tree the way they want, but plan the things they’d like to do before Christmas! I’m not focusing on store bought gifts this Christmas, but making things at home for most of my list. Planning to really enjoy the holiday season thru the eyes of the children!

  • Sherah Kelly says:

    This sounds like an amazing book. And makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one out there like this!

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